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New Smartphone Prices Leaked on amazon India

New Smartphone Prices Leaked on Amazon India: Razr 40, Neo 7 Pro, Narzo 60

Amazon India Smartphone Leak

Amazon India Accidentally Leaks Prices of Upcoming Smartphones

Motorola Razr 40

Amazon India has accidentally leaked the price of the upcoming Motorola Razr 40 smartphone. The Razr 40 is expected to start at INR 59,999 (about $750). This price is significantly higher than the previous generation Razr, which started at INR 46,999. The new Razr 40 is expected to feature a new design with a more durable hinge, a faster processor, and a better camera.

iQOO Neo 7 Pro

Another smartphone leaked by Amazon India is the iQOO Neo 7 Pro. It is expected to start at INR 33,999 (about $440), which falls in line with the prices of other iQOO Neo smartphones. The Neo 7 Pro is anticipated to come with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, a 120Hz AMOLED display, and a 64MP main camera.

Realme Narzo 60

Amazon India's accidental leak also revealed the price of the Realme Narzo 60. It is expected to start at INR 17,999 (about $230), making it a very affordable smartphone. The Realme Narzo 60 is rumored to feature a MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor, a 120Hz display, and a 50MP main camera.

Official Launch Date

There is no clear information about the official launch date of these smartphones in India. However, considering the leaked prices, it is likely that they will be released in the coming months.

Update: Prices Leaked and Shared Online

Update: Amazon India has removed the promo images that leaked the prices of these smartphones. However, the prices have already been shared online and are likely to be accurate.

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